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About AutoPairs

AutoPairs modifies the behavior of certain keystrokes, to help you keep paired characters such as parentheses properly matched. For instance, when you type a left parenthesis, AutoPairs will type the right parenthesis and a left arrow for you, so that you are ready to type what goes between the parentheses. This and other pair macros can be turned on and off individually, and configured differently for specific applications.

Version 4 for macOS 13 "Ventura"

The version of AutoPairs for Ventura consists of an application that you use to set up and set preferences for the program, and an agent that can run in the background whenever you are logged in. In order to make it acceptable to the App Store, I had to offer the option of only running when the app is open.

AutoPairs 4 on App Store

Version 3.2.2 for Mac OS X from 10.9 up through 12

AutoPairs is a system preference pane, as well as a background application. It will not be visible in your Dock.

This version of AutoPairs requires macOS 10.9 or later. The Read Me on the disk image tells how to install it.

AutoPairs-3.2.2.dmg (version 3.2.2), 1.1 MB

Version 3.1 for Mac OS X before 10.9

For older versions of the Mac OS, you can use an older version of AutoPairs.

This version of AutoPairs requires an Intel CPU and OS 10.5 or later.

Version 3.1.3 improves compatibility with Pages.

Version 3.1.2 fixed a bug in saving settings.

AutoPairs-3.1.dmg (version 3.1.3), 163K