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OtherMenu creates a system-wide hierarchical menu somewhat like the Apple menu, in the classic Mac OS. Besides opening applications and documents, it runs 28 little utilities called externals. In a directory dialog (Open/Save dialog), you can use the menu to select a file or folder. Compatible with System 7 through 9.1. Some PowerPC code. Formerly shareware, now free.

One of my favorite externals is Find..., which finds files containing a specified string of text in its name or data. It's not as feature-packed as many other file-finding utilities, but it's tuned for speed and can be used inside directory dialogs. Unlike Sherlock, it does not require indexing your disks in order to find in content. Accelerated for PowerPC.

Also noteworthy is Memory Map, which shows how applications and other things are laid out in memory. This can help you to understand the causes of memory fragmentation.

Version 2.0.4 changes:

Version 2.0.5 changes:

I have been told that OtherMenu 2.0.5 conflicts with "ACTION Menus".

OtherMenu_final.sit, 294K

If you know some Mac programming and would like to try writing an OtherMenu external, you'll need the software developer kit.

OtherMenu-2.0-SDK.sit.bin, 15K

Last modified: 22 November 2008
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