Localizing PrintToPDF

If you'd like to see PrintToPDF available in another language, you can volunteer to localize it. I'm willing to give you a free registration if you do that, but otherwise I do not pay for localization.

If you are thinking of localizing PrintToPDF for another language, please contact me first, so I can tell you whether someone else has already started on that language.


Most of the resources in PrintToPDF (dialogs, alerts, strings and so on) can be edited using ResEdit or Resorcerer. However, to edit the 'PPob' resources that lay out the preferences dialog, you need to use Constructor, a tool that comes with CodeWarrior. If you need this, ask for it. Metrowerks told me that I may send it to localizers.

You may also be able to edit the resource using MPW (Rez/Derez), AppleGlot, or PowerGlot. However, I am not personally familiar with these tools.


Non-U.S. versions should use a default paper size of A4 instead of U.S. Letter. This is specified in the 'PREC' 0 resource. Here is an A4 'PREC' 0 resource.

If you change MENU -8191, make sure that the menu items match the resource names of the 'PSiz' resources. Also, the resource name of a 'PSiz' resource should match the name within the resource. To edit the pages sizes of 'PSiz' resources you need Resorcerer. But if you only want to edit the names (e.g., to localize "U.S. Letter") you can use this ResEdit template.

Set the country code in the 'vers' resource.

After editing DLOG and ALRT resources, make sure that you have not accidentally introduced any 'ictb' or 'actb' resources.

The names of the tabs in the preferences dialog are in the 'tab#' resource. Let me know if you need a ResEdit template for this type.

When you edit the paper size pop-up in the Page Setup dialog, you may need to change the title width within the CNTL -8049 resource, as well as the overall size of the control.

The "(Unregistered)" text item in the Page Setup and Print dialogs is sometimes replaced by something like "Licensed to ABC Industries, Inc." so it needs some room.

The 'hfdr' resource cannot be edited safely in ResEdit, you need to use Resorcerer. If you don't have Resorcerer, tell me what text should go there and I will make the resource.

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Last modified: 9 December 2000
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