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Manual Maker is a simple application that converts a collection of SimpleText files into a low-overhead standalone document called a Manual Reader. Besides displaying styled text and embedded pictures, a Manual Reader provides chapter and section menus and a Find command. Manual Maker is free for personal, nonprofit, and educational use, and Manual Reader documents may also be distributed under those conditions. If you want to distribute a Manual Reader document with a commercial or shareware product, or if you just feel generous, please pay a $20 license fee.

System 7 or Mac OS 8 is required for use of these programs.

Version 1.1 introduced a zoom box and fixed some minor display bugs.
Version 2.0 added a Print menu command, which uses AppleScript to tell SimpleText to print a chapter.
Version 2.2 will now open URLs that you command-click, provided that Internet Config is installed.
Version 2.3 added dynamic scrolling and more exact parity with SimpleText's handling of pictures.
Version 2.4 corrects an error in the way chapters were saved as SimpleText files, and makes it possible to insert a divider in the Chapters menu.

Manual_Maker_2.4.sit, 81K.

Register online at a secure web page.

There is also a Japanese version of the Manual Maker package, localized by Haruka Ishi and updated by Masatsugu Nagata. Not only is the documentation and interface in Japanese, it also takes into account differences between the way SimpleText Japanese stores pictures and the way SimpleText (U.S.) stores pictures.

Manual_Maker_2.4J.sit, 94K.

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